RESTful APIv1.0
    Free access for the development period    
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Welcome to Minataur RESTful API

1. Registration

Minataur RESTful API Server supports 2 types of requests: requests without authentication and requests that require authorization. This distribution is because certain requests have almost no overhead, while others take a lot of server resources. Therefore, it is for difficult requests that authorization is required.
The TOKEN is used for authorization in Minataur. You request this one yourself by sending a transaction to the appropriate address.
The cost of using the API is 1 mina for 3 days. You can deposit any amount, but it will be rounded to the nearest whole number and multiplied by 3 days.
Free access for the development period! At the end of the development period, all registered TOKENS will be discarded! To register you can send a zero transaction. Each transaction updates the WM expiration period to 3 days.
To request yourTOKENfor access to the API, you must send transaction to specified address and put in MEMO your email address. When transaction stored in Minataur archive node, Minataur send ACCESS TOKEN to this email address.
// Example of transaction
mina client send-payment \
-amount 1 \
-receiver B62qk3SwELMgRYALi8fiQvpqfBs48m3cqCd7o4d5dJUqEQ6mW9gEySm \
-fee 0.01 \
-memo '' \
-sender B62q...

2. Check Credentials

To check yourCREDENTIAL STATUSyou can use API method ping.

3. Upgrade Credentials

To upgrade yourCREDENTIAL STATUSyou must send transaction with your email again as during registration.

4. List of API endpoints

# Auth Link Method Params Desc
1) Params marked with asterisks (*) is OPTIONAL.
2) If the epoch parameter is present in the parameters, it must be set to since Genesis.
3) Fee must be between 0 and 100.


Get all api endpoints:
const req = fetch("", {
    method: "GET"
Get current work:
const req = fetch("", {
    method: "POST",
    headers: {
        "Content-Type": "application/json",
        "Minataur-Authorization": "my_secure_token",
    body: JSON.stringify({
        epoch: 1,
        publicKey: "B62q..."